If you like cycling, then you’ll love exploring Tasmania on two wheels. Most people don’t need much convincing to visit Tasmania but for many, cycling could be a complete new way to travel. A cycle tour allows you to pull over any time you like and travel at the speed you enjoy. Cycling also allows you to explore the back roads and side-tracks that cars don’t notice or can’t fit down, and to enjoy the breeze on your face and sun on your legs. Of all the Australian States, Tasmania could well be the best for cycle touring. The distances to your next destination – where you may be camping, buying food or checking into your next night’s accommodation – are much shorter, achievable, and always interesting. This rings true even more so on the East Coast. The East Coast is an ideal place to start a cycling adventure in Tasmania because of its quiet roads, small towns and numerous places of interest where you can take a break from the saddle and soak in the history, arts or amazing cuisine on offer.