The hard granite rock beneath me was surprisingly comfortable and I felt relaxed. Above me there wasn't a cloud in sight, only the glow of the midday sun. Closing my eyes, I can hear the rustle of eucalyptus leaves softly scratching against each other in the gentle breeze and the faint ripple of water. Breathing in the subtle salty air, the only noise is the sound of a raucous group of yellow tailed black cockatoos soaring and screeching in the sky above. So this was what Tasmania was about. Honeymoon Bay in the Freycinet National Park, to be precise. A picturesque two and a half drive from Launceston and Hobart, the first place to stop is the visitor's centre at Freycinet National Park. Here I met a young, enthusiastic ranger who told me a visit to Honeymoon Bay is compulsory. Who was I to refuse his advice and obvious love of the Apple Isle? After a five-minute drive, I park the car and throw on my bikinis, sunscreen and hat. Carrying my beach towel, I walk down a sandy path surrounded by native bush. A minute later, Honeymoon Bay materialises in front of me. Its beauty stops me in my tracks.