On a clear night, you can walk through the streets of Hobart, an Australian capital city, and look up at more stars than you'd see in many secluded regions in the world. The limited ambient light, paired with some of the cleanest air in the world, makes Tasmania the perfect spot to gaze up at a brilliant night sky.  While traveling the state at night, it's something that can't go unnoticed – a sky that comes alive, even to the naked eye. On a clear night, while in the darker regions that make up much of the State, I try to make a point of  going out and looking up.  On one such trip I was staying in Coles Bay on a beach across from the iconic Hazards mountain range. Just a few hours before, the sunset had bathed the entire landscape in oranges and pinks but now the world was dark with a silence broken only by the whisper of incoming waves.